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How to Decorate Children's Room, to Make it Beautiful, Safe and Practical?

  • 2021-10-17 17:54:36
It is getting hotter and hotter. I feel getting sweating when I go out to get an express. The children finally had a holiday and could only play in the air-conditioned room. A few days ago, I heard a neighbor complaining that her son stayed at home every day and had rhinitis.

Indeed, children's skin barrier ability and body immunity are not as good as adults, and their body will respond more strongly to external environmental stimuli. One of the most common symptoms is allergy.

Therefore, we need to consider more comprehensively when decorating the children's room. After all, decoration materials are directly related to children's health and safety, especially lighting.

Children's bedroom lamp

Enhance warm creativity

Create a comfortable growth environment

A lamp is needed to create home atmosphere

The dreamy light color beautify space and simultaneously enhance children's imagination. It adds an upgrade and vitality in children's space, and create a warm and happy living space

To decorate the child's lovely bedroom with a beautiful cartoon picture, for children’s innocence

Iron bake painting lamp

It is made of premium profiles, which surface is treated by high-temperature iron painting process. It feels smooth, fashionable and beautiful, antirust, corrosion resistant, and durable

Premium PVC lampshade

High light transmittance PVC lampshade, pure flawless

High transmittance, bright, average soft and comfortable for eyes

Constant current design, no visible flicker

Constant current drive is invented by Seebest independently, equipped with intelligent constant current IC, which can effectively avoid flicker caused by voltage and current fluctuation, no visible flicker, with voltage dependent resistor and insurance resistance.

Anti-surge, effectively prevent abnormal current and ensure the service life of lamps

No visible flicker,protect eye

Seebest children bedroom lamp, with intelligence IC constant current drive, protect eye further.

High color rendering, reflect real color

High color rendering the lamp bead RA ≥ 80, reflecting the true color of the subject

High color rendering, with bright color

Low color rendering, with poor reflection of color

Comfortable life

3 color dimming, with many options

Many options of brightness and color temperature, with warm home atmosphere

For taking care of children’s eyes, Seebest ceiling lamp have 3 options with warm light, warm white and neutral light.

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