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  • SEEBEST Participated Covid Relief With Putian
    SEEBEST Participated Covid Relief With Putian
    • September 15, 2021

    Seebest made its way to the front to fight against Covid-19 with Putian citizen side by side Since the outbreak of Covid-19 in Fengtian, Putian City in 10th, September, the disease prevention and control situation was severe there.  The confirmed cases changed every day. Medical material adequacy and safeguard of frontline medical workers are top concerns for the whole community. On 14th, September, Seebest voluntarily participated in the support of Putian epidemic prevention battle after multi-channels communication and donated a batch of washing kits, pillow and bed sheets, other materials as well in hopes that medical workers could have a good rest.  Seebest always put enterprise development and CSR on the same footing and pursue the dedication of charitable undertakings for society. The combat against Covid is just phrased and temporary situation and we would make it finally. 

  • Economical Track Lights Make Living Room So Beautiful
    Economical Track Lights Make Living Room So Beautiful
    • August 20, 2021

    Economical Track Lights Make Living Room So Beautiful One can tell whether the wall is painted well by turning on the light To show the outline of space or an object It's clear when you turn on the light ······ Importance of lights It has already been formed in space Light is necessary part of our life Light has become a necessary part for our home decoration Including the main lighting lamps of office buildings, shopping malls And the track lamp recently. Seebest track light is a good choice for creating a sense of space art New generation refined aluminum heat dissipation, cob track lamp Cob chip with better brightness Selected premium aluminum profile, super heat dissipation 2 Color Available Available in two colors Options in terms of home decoration style or personal preference Guanghui series white track light Guanghui series black track light 3 color temperatures available 3 color temperature options , widely application 6500k white light effect creates a bright, fresh and clean atmosphere 4200k natural light color creates a bright and comfortable atmosphere 3000K soft light creates a comfortable and warm atmosphere The track lamp endows home space with a simple and advanced temperament It not only has the function of lighting, but also can build various light and shadow effects It is the best choice light for modern home decoration.

  • How to Enhance Brand Growth Space?
    How to Enhance Brand Growth Space?
    • August 11, 2021

    Seebest"Lighting Channel Long Journey Travel" Guangdong trip to Foshan on August 8. It is reported that Foshan is an important industrial base for lighting and electrotechnics. Traditional brands are still common in the market. Few enterprises can settle down and take root in the local hardware tool market, but Seebest made it. 1. Customers making money is the key to have long-term cooperation Chen Qingxiong, head ofSeebestFoshan Office (3rd from left) Chen Qingxiong, head of Seebest Foshan Office, has established an office in Foshan for 10 years. Now he has branch offices in Shunde, Gaoming. He made market segmentation and provide better services. Chen Qingxiong said that the foundation of a brand is product. The product should be competitive, with good service, so as to become a good brand.Seebest has a complete range of products and has great growth space. Chen Qingxiong also said that he will consider a better model to make the Seebest better and better in the future. Development through multiple ways to reach great success Wu Yifeng (1st from the right), head of Xiongyuan Hardware Tools and Electrical Store Wu Yifeng, head of Xiongyuan Hardware Tools and Electrical Store, is a young man with great ideas. Since he took over his father's store, he has gradually increased the products categories and further expanded business. At the same time, it is mainly due to the comprehensive consideration of Seebest team and the protection of the interests of merchants. Although Wu Yifeng's store face pressure this year, he relied on the support of old customers, developed through multiple channels, and often communicate with his partners, thus business started getting better and better. 1. No returns means earning money Ma Zhendong, head of Donghui Hardware Tools Store (second from the right) Ma Zhendong, the person in charge of Donghui Hardware Tools Store, has been engaged in the hardware tools business for many years. He said that the product quality of the root of enterprise. The reason why there are continuous support from former customers in recent years,  is that there are few after-sales problems. If there is no product returns, he earns money. So he can have a good reputation. This is also the main reason why he cooperate withSeebest. 1. An excellent brand is essential in market competition Li Huiqin, head of Rixing Hardware Tool Store(2nd from left) Li Huiqin, head of Rixing Hardware Tool Store, has operated the hardware store for more than 2 years and has saled Seebest brand products since the beginning, mainly because the former owner sales Seebest products.  Through feedback from the market, she really felt that everyone would always be willing to involved in good brand . After all, it is not easy to seize a good brand in the fierce market competition nowadays. 1. Upgrade Store Image to Attract Customers Qin Maowei (2nd from the right), head of Weiwang Hardware Tools Store Qin Maowei, head of Weiwang Hardware Tools Store, decided t...

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