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2021 Seebest's First Shopping Guide Training Meeting has Successfully Completed!

  • March 20, 2021

On March 15, 2021, Seebest 2021 lighting guide training meeting was held in Huaihua. Xiangzhong Zhang, Deputy General Manager of Seebest technology, Youzhi Cheng, Deputy Director of lighting channel center, Xin Wu, Manager of Sales Department, Yu Tao, Manager of Operation Department, Kaiyang Chen, Manager of Training Department, and excellent store managers and shopping guides in Huaihua region enthusiastically participated in this activity.


All boats compete for the current, and those who work hard first

Xiangzhong Zhang, Vice President of Seebest technology, speak first. President Zhang analyzed the whole lighting industry and shared the future development plan of the company's lighting channel. He believes that the lighting industry has a broad market space. Brand is a scarce resource of the industry, and Seebest's will not stop development on this market.


Mr Wang, General Manager of Seebest Huaihua operation center, made a welcome speech. Mr Wang reviewed his experiences in Seebest and said that Seebest's domestic market has been growing in recent years. He was lucky to participate in it, especially the commemorative training meeting, which shows that Seebest’s dedication to this industry and he is confident in Seebest's future.


Professional training to improve sales skills

In order to successfully hold the shopping guide training meeting and achieve ideal results, Seebest company headquarter sent a professional training team and arranged practical courses.

Cheng Youzhi, deputy director of lighting channel center, shared the course of store operation ideas, and made comprehensive training explanations and specific requirements specifications for customer marketing skills, store vivid promotion, terminal activity promotion, team work etc. All trained personnel made sure of the service positioning and marketing strategy. At the same time, Mr. Cheng also introduced the new lighting products in 2021 and publicized the lighting terminal construction policy in 2021.


Tao Yu, Manager of the Operation Department, made a comprehensive explanation on premium lighting design, mainly including the basic knowledge of lighting, home lighting concept, space lighting application and lamp purchase, so as to improve the professional ability of the shopping guide and further assist the shopping guide to sale more suitable products.

Then, Seebest leaders and principals from various departments explained and shared in detail the different product knowledge and quality character in various fields, in order to improve knowledge in all outlets sales guiders.

After training, the excellent stores were awarded. The person in charge of Anjiang Seebest home life hall were invited to share how to successfully operate the Seebestbrand, and demonstrated the importance of brand building and brand image.

Excellent Store Leaders Share Experience

Excellent Store Awarded

The excellent store managers and shopping guides attending the meeting said that they not only learned very practical marketing skills in this meeting, but also made their next work goal. They are willing to work together with Seebest and strive for the goal of the New Year!


While improving the sales ability and professional level of terminal shopping guides, the lighting shopping guide training meeting also promoted the communication of shopping guiders in various regions, improved the team spirit, and enhanced the shopping guides' sense of identity with the Seebest brand!

As the first stop of Seebest's shopping guide training in 2021, Huaihua station has achieved complete success! In the future there will be more training plans in follow.

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