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1000 Seebest Advertising board at 100 Stations in High Speed Railway

  • October 13, 2021

Date: 2020-6-3 0:00:00 source:

From the 1st,

The advertising of Seebest high-speed railway has been fully launched,

Plenty advertising board in high-speed railway stations.

Exposed to hundreds of millions of people,

Drawing high attention from them.

Hundreds of millions of advertising light box exposure in the golden area

At 68 high-speed rail stations along the country,

1149 pieces of media board were displayed, exposed to nearly 620 million passengers nationwide.

In golden high passenger flow areas such as waiting hall and ticket gate,

Brand advertising of Seebest.

The vivid visual design will integrate Seebest brand culture,

Deeply imprint the brand in the minds of consumers,

With great advertising effect.

There are a large number in many cities

Due to space,

Today, Seebest will share with you,

The first advertisement,

Seebest will continue to share more highlights for you in the follow-up.

Advertising was exposed

01 Beijing South Railway Station

02. Ningbo Station

03. Hangzhou Station

04. Shaoxing North Station

05. Guangzhou East Station

06. Guangzhou South Station

07. Foshan West Station

China's high-speed railway is best technology in the world

As an innovative manufacturing enterprise for more than 20 years.

Seebest together with China's high-speed railway

It's a combination of speed and strength,

Seebest develops rapidly through advertising in high-speed railway

Continuously expand brand recognition and deep influence




Seebest will continue to thrive, strive and innovate,

With repeated product innovation and enterprise change,

Bring a better life to consumers.

New start with thousands of boards all along the railway,

The advertising plan of Seebest high speed railway,

It is part of the brand integrated spreads strategy in 2020.

While making the product extreme good

Seebest also shows the power of the brand.

Big action, large investment,

Large expansion, high investment, powerful advertising.

Seebest will continue to build its brand and innovate its products,

Continuously improve the marketing system, actively support to all merchants,

Continuously expand its influence in the industry,

The future of 2020 is to come!

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