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Super Heros around when Pandemic Spreads

  • October 11, 2021

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Assistance show great love when pandemic spreads.

Far apart from each other, Seebest family are helping to fight against New Corona virus.

1. Volunteers take the lead and support for life

Recently, Wang Ye, an employee of Seebest Xiantao office, saw that an enterprise from in the local volunteer group wanted to donate masks but couldn't find the express personnel. He contacted the other party and offered to send someone to help transport and distribution.

He drove the vehicles of the office, commuted in the extremely quiet road, and quickly sent the donated materials from the mask manufacturer to the Zhanggou town, Xiantao, bringing warmth to the people in need of masks, and adding more protection to the fight against the epidemic.

We deliver goods usually, but and today we send love.

2. Small mask with warm love

Masks are valuable, but life is priceless! Masks are in demand, but we only donate them for free.

Wearing masks is one of the basic measures to prevent the epidemic. For a time, masks in major pharmacies across the country were rapidly out of stock, and even one mask was difficult to find and the price began to rise.

However, the partners of Seebest colleagues in Zhangjiakou, Huizhou and other places generously took out the "hard currency" at home, and distributed masks for free, which solved the urgent needs of nearby residents.

No matter it is big or small kindness, people fight with epidemic and unite as one. They are just ordinary people around us. But when the epidemic occurs, they instantly turn into superheroes to protect even strangers.

With such nice people around us, we firmly believe that everything will be better as long as we work together.

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