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SEEBEST Commercial Ads Presence in AMTR (Xiamen Metro)

  • July 03, 2021

Hey,Dear Passengers:

SEEBEST will launch its commercial ads in Xiamen metro.

It aims to upgrade our branding strategy.

When you are waiting for the metro, you may notice our Ads.

Instead of being chicken soup for the soul, we take the approach of strength style.

Eye-catching fonts

Vivid color

remarkable slogan

spread over the metro area

and deliver the SEEBEST brand to everyone

Amazingly and surprisingly

This commercial ad presents in metro 1, metro 2. Metro 3. And BRT as well.

Seebest brand vision take the best displaying place.

Including waiting area,  metro carriage、metro corridor

Our Presence in metro and BRT system

SEEBEST Brand vision combine with inter-city transportation and metro system to deliver more about our brand and influence in pockets of time during your shuttle period

Following the commercial debut in CCTV, metro, outdoors, we enhance the brand campaign by working with Xiamen metro.

When you are by metro, you can find our commercial ads there and your closest friends-SEEBEST.

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IPv6 network supported

IPv6 network supported

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