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Which Lamp Holder is Useful and Safe?

  • August 07, 2021

Which Lamp Holder is Useful and Safe?

Why do light bulbs often break easily in staircases, elevator entrances, corridors and other public areas

Except the quality of the bulb

The most important reason turned out to be

Lamp holder

Poor circuit contact and high service temperature

It is not only easy to "burn" the bulb, but also has safety problems

What should a good lamp holder?

Don't blame me that I didn't tell you

Lamp cap / holder

Thickened flame retardant bakelite material, high safety

Bakelite material, excellent flame retardancy

High elastic phosphorus copper sheet, not easy to deform

Rivet connection, firm and durable

Convenient wiring and good conductivity

Seebest Technology, lighting up a better life

High flame retardancy

Reduce potential safety hazards

Bakelite material, not easy to soften and burn

Insulation, flame retardant and high temperature resistance

Excellent material selection

Good conductivity

Built-in high elastic phosphorus copper sheet, good elasticity and not easy to deform


Rivet connection

Rivet connection makes the copper connection more firm, and enhance electrical conductivity.

Easy to follow

Installation wiring

The screw wiring part is electroplated, which is not easy to rust,

Convenient wiring and good conductivity

Widely Application

Make life more convenient





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